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A few frequently asked questions...

Where do you get all your books?

90% of our books come from our customers!  We take good condition/"gently used" books in trade for store credit.  We offer a credit of 20% of the publisher's retail price for paperbacks and 10% for late edition hardbacks.  Your store credit can then be used towards up to half your purchase of used books.  Whatever credit is left gets banked in your account for your next trip.  The other 10% of our books we source from other places in order to satisfy requests from our customers.

I live out of state and only visit a few times a year - will my credit expire if I don't use it all?

If there has not been any activity (purchases or credits on your account for two years, you credit may expire.

I have credit at your store but am moving out of town.  What are my options?  

Credit has no cash value but may be assigned or given to another individual.  Just give us something in writing (email is fine) telling us how much credit you wish to transfer and to whom.  We will take care of it and send you an email to confirm the transfer.

Can I use my store credit on new books or merchandise like bookmarks and booklights?

Store credit can only be used on used books.  New books and merchandise are priced as marked and can be paid for with cash or credit card.

​What does a book in "good" or "gently used" condition look like?

We are looking for books that are used, not abused!  For the most part, the books you find at Bookends will be clean and odor free, and won't have water or any liquid damage.  They won't have any rips or tears larger than 1/4" and the bindings will be tight and unbroken.  Hardcovers will have their dust jackets intact.There will be minimal markings inside, such as a previous owner's name or initials.  

My books are all in good condition, why don't you want them?

Even if your books are in good condition we may decline to accept them in trade.The reason may be the age of the book or even that we already have a lot of that book in inventory.  

Why can't I pay for my entire purchase with store credit?

We have designed our pricing to be as fair to you as possible while still allowing us to stay in business.  Like any business we have expenses which need to be paid for in cash - rent, insurance, electricity, etc.  Requiring half of your purchase to be paid for by cash or credit card when using credit enables us to continue to bring you the best in used books.

Can you order books for me?

New Books will be sold at our normal discounted rate of 10% off the publisher's price plus shipping costs.

Used Books ​charges will be the cost of the book plus shipping and a $2.95 handling fee.  We only order used books marked as good or very good condition.  Please allow up to 21 days to receive used books.  We request a credit card on file prior to ordering.  Store credit may not be used on special orders.